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Eczema And Psoriasis – Inexpensive Natural Treatments

While you are working on healing your body with natural psoriasis treatments and also the metaphysical  and emotional causes for your psoriasis, you will still be experiencing the physical discomfort of this body dis-ease and the emotional trauma that most people have to deal with.  Here are a few inexpensive, but effective treatments to get some relief from psoriasis.

1. Keep from scratching.  I know, I know…..easier said than done, but if you can keep from scratching it will slow the spread. Here’s what you can do to get almost instant itch relief. Make a compress of Himalayan Salt and warm or cool water and place over your outbreak. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the itching will subside.  Do this as much as necessary to get some relief.   Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

2. Hydrate Your Skin with Omega’s.  This time you need to make sure you have sufficient high quality animal based Omega 3 fats like fish oil or krill oil. Make sure you have enough in your diet so it can hydrate your skin internally instead of creams and lotions that may simply sit on top of your skin and not be able to hydrate your skin deeply enough.  This hydration will also help reduce the swelling of skin.   #1 Krill Oil 1000mg

3. Use Mild Soap.  When you bathe use a very mild soap and wash lightly. During the winter when skin is drier, if you could skip a day that would be even better.  Sunaroma Oatmeal Soap with Vitamin E

4. Take Probiotics.  Yes, there is definitely a correlation to your digestive system and psoriasis. Mainly referred to “leaky gut syndrome”. When people have this condition they have been holding something emotinally inside that needed to be released for a very long time.  Find a good high quality probiotic and help your body digest food completely and easily.  Garden of Life Ultra Ultimate Probiotics Formula

5. Pay Attention to Food Allergies.  One of the most common allergens for psoriasis is wheat and gluten. Gluten is….well…..like glue for your intestines. It is very unhealthy for all of us and food has a much more difficult time being digested with all this sticky gluten in the way.

6. Avoid Dairy.  Milk and eggs may contribute to psoriasis outbreaks. Why? Milk is acidic and eggs are slightly acidic. Your body’s pH should be alkaline and not acidic. Cancer and other dis-eases cannot live in an alkaline environment.  Alkaline Diet Health

7. Vitamin D.  This vitamin can be very effective against skin irritations. Get outside and get some sunshine to get your Vitamin D naturally. If you can’t do that then take a good high quality Vitamin D.  Make sure you read the label for appropriate levels. Nutrigold Natural Vitamin D in Organic Olive Oil

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying any information contained in this blog.